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  1. Regular Price: $14.95

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    In The Project Manager's Pocket Survival Guide, Dr. Lewis focuses on areas that are often the largest stumbling blocks to project managers both new and experienced, and provides the practical skills and hidden keys necessary for completing projects on time and within budget. Special Discounted Pricing Available for a Limited Time Only! Learn More
  2. Regular Price: $63.95

    PMB Price $45.00

    Let three HRD experts show you how to apply the hugely popular ROI process to the key organizational issue of successful project management... Learn More
  3. Regular Price: $12.00

    PMB Price $9.00

    Whether it's at home or at work, so much of our lives involves negotiating to get what we want. Learn More
  4. Regular Price: $29.99

    PMB Price $17.00

    Have you ever delivered software that satisfied all of the project specifications, but failed to meet any of the customers' expectations? This book describes even more practical techniques for gathering and managing the software requirements that help you meet project specifications AND customer expectations. Learn More
  5. Regular Price: $130.67

    PMB Price $45.00

    Learn the skills that turn good ideas into accepted practice—and good management! Get one of the 9 specially discounted copies in stock today! Learn More
  6. Regular Price: $75.00

    PMB Price $40.00

    This book is for business professionals who want to understand the how and why of BPMN, in simple non-jargon terms. You will also learn the strategy, motivation, and benefits for its adoption within the modern corporation. Learn More
  7. Regular Price: $49.99

    PMB Price $32.00

    If you've always suspected there's a more agile, flexible, intelligent way to manage projects, you're right—and XPM is it! XPM is the first radically new approach to Project Management for today's complex, chaotic business environments. Learn More
  8. Regular Price: $17.99

    PMB Price $14.00

    This book introduces a very different approach to overcoming competition in a global economy. The only source of lofty and sustained competitive advantage is the ability to push beyond empowerment into the demanding, yet rewarding, frontier or true self-management. Learn More
  9. Regular Price: $29.95

    PMB Price $18.00

    Today it seems many older workers within organizations are reporting to individuals younger than themselves. This presents unfamiliar challenges which no organization can afford to ignore. This book explains how companies and younger managers can navigate this new territory and maximize the value of the more mature worker. Get one of the specially discounted copies in stock today! Learn More
  10. Regular Price: $59.95

    PMB Price $52.00

    This insightful book is a proven, practical method for writing unambiguous natural language business rule statements, which support successful implementations. Learn More

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