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  1. Regular Price: $39.95

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    Highly predictable work is easy to support using traditional programming techniques, while unpredictable work cannot be accurately scripted in advance, and so requires the involvement of the workers themselves. Adaptive Case Management (ACM) assists the knowledge worker to make decisions regarding unpredictable work, and this book is the ultimate guide to Taming the Unpredictable with ACM. Learn More
  2. Regular Price: $28.00

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    Prediction is powered by the world's most potent, booming unnatural resource: data. A truly omnipresent science, predictive analytics affects everyone, every day. Although largely unseen, it drives millions of decisions, determining whom to call, mail, investigate, incarcerate, set up on a date, or medicate. This book will help you understand how to interpret data to predict future behavior. Learn More
  3. Regular Price: $14.95

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    The updated and revised third edition provides an unparalleled introduction to project management, along with new tools and techniques for planning and executing projects on time, on budget, and with maximum efficiency and productivity. Get one of the remaining copies in stock today! Learn More
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    What's your MBA IQ? A combination of what you know and how much you've applied this knowledge on the job, your MBA IQ is what defines your management knowledge in today's business climate. It's what keeps you at the top of your profession, an expert in your specialized field with an understanding, as well, of cross-functional disciplines. Learn More
  5. Regular Price: $49.99

    PMB Price $32.00

    If you've always suspected there's a more agile, flexible, intelligent way to manage projects, you're right—and XPM is it! XPM is the first radically new approach to Project Management for today's complex, chaotic business environments. Learn More
  6. Regular Price: $19.95

    PMB Price $13.00

    Results Without Authority explores a wide range of effective methods and tools for leading diverse teams with clear, insightful examples that demonstrate how they work in a variety of situations. Learn More
  7. Regular Price: $50.99

    PMB Price $41.00

    Business analysis: a relatively new discipline which promises great benefit to organizations by ensuring business needs are aligned with implemented business change solutions. This book provides a road map which ensures adoption of business improvements for overall organizational success. Learn More
  8. Regular Price: $59.95

    PMB Price $29.00

    Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) is the next generation of enterprise BPM. By leveraging technological advances it offers more organizational responsiveness. If you desire a business agile enough to adapt to rapid change, but also able to anticipate and plan for it, you need this book! Learn More
  9. Regular Price: $18.95

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    What happens when corporate strategists decide to take over the IT agenda including CIO, IT team and investment plans all while ignoring the IT Strategy orthodoxies? Throughout this book the narrator, Ian, will iterate answers to these questions through real-world examples. If you work in information technology, you cannot afford to miss this! Learn More
  10. Regular Price: $15.99

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    Ever wonder what that raised eyebrow, nervous twitch, or lazy slouch really means? Is it profound and important...or a meaningless quirk? Learn More

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41-50 of 115