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Cost and Value Management in Projects

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Cost and Value Management in Projects

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Many problems in projects exist due to a lack of integrated cost and value management framework. This book addresses cost from a strategic project perspective, offering thorough coverage of the various elements of value management such as planning, engineering and analysis. Special discounted pricing available for a limited time only, get your copy today!


In a study of 300 large companies, consulting firm Peat Marwick finds that 65 percent of hardware and/or software development projects were significantly behind schedule, over budget, or failed to deliver value in terms of expected performance. In another report on the current state of IT project implementation, the Standish Group predicts that out of a total of 300,000 projects that cost over $350 billion, approximately 43 percent will overshoot their initial cost estimates, while 63 percent will fall behind schedule and perform at only two-thirds of their expected capability.

Why do these problems persist? One key answer is the lack of an integrated cost and value management framework.

Cost and Value Management in Projects provides practicing managers with a thorough understanding of the various dimensions of cost and value in projects, along with the key factors that impact them. In addition, it discusses the managerial approaches that would be most effective for achieving cost efficiency and value optimization. Addressing cost from a strategic—rather than just a tactical—perspective. This book will:

  • Cover the multiple elements of value management from a project perspective, including planning, engineering, and analysis
  • Examine project management decision areas which enhance value
  • Discuss relevant managerial approaches which optimize value
  • Outline an integrated framework for managing cost and value applicable to all practicing project managers
  • Provide prescriptive advice on avoiding common pitfalls in managing cost and value in projects

Projects have become one of the key means by which organizations add to their bottom lines. Mastering the project-based skills, including cost and value management, contained in this book will confer an important advantage on every organization in the relentless competition for profits, market share, and technical innovations.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 978-0470069134
Publication Date 7-Mar-08
Author Ray R. Venkataraman & Jeffrey K. Pinto
Format Hard Cover
Page Count 304 pages
Manufacturer Wiley