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Frequently Asked Questions

You're visiting this page because you want to read more about what makes this site significantly better than any other online bookstore—so we're going to give it to you. Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive here at projectmanagmentbookstore.com, in no particular order, along with their associated answers. Enjoy!


Question: How can you claim that these are the best books available for project managers?

Answer: Because we do our homework. Obviously the designation of "best books for project managers" is subjective, but at the same time the people who chose these books have literally decades of experience. They know first-hand the issues that project managers face every single day, and they know a good book when they see one. Do you think you'd get this kind of expertise at Amazon.com? Not a chance.

Question: Why do you consider your searching and filtering "ultra-easy"?

Answer: Because unlike most online bookstore sites, we actually HAVE searching and filtering. Have you ever performed a search at another online bookstore and received 25 pages of mostly unrelated results? That won't happen here. Not only are our searches more relevant than the others, but we offer a nice variety of options for sorting your search results—by title, author name, published date and price to name a few.

Question: Why is there only one price for shipping?

Answer: Because we wanted to make it easy. If you require a faster mode of delivery contact info@projectmanagementbookstore.com, prior placing your order, for an estimate of the expedited rate options.

Question: Are there extra fees or taxes for orders shipped outside of the U.S.?

Answer: The Project Management Bookstore does not add taxes or extra fees for international shipments; however our flat shipping rate is slightly higher to match international carrier rates. Please note, some countries will charge Import Duties, Taxes and/or Brokerage Fees which are the responsibility of the recipient and are not calculated nor included on your PMB invoice. Please contact your local border control services or your shipping carrier (noted in the tracking field of your shipping confirmation email) for an estimate of the customs fees and/or duties that may be charged upon import. The Project Management Bookstore WILL NOT REFUND product or shipping charges on refused shipments without written permission from PMB Customer Service, in accordance with our standard return policy

Question: What makes your cross-recommendations so much better?

Answer: Because they're not automated. Everyone who has ever purchased a book from another site has received a suggestion to add a pair of socks or an air filter to their cart before checkout. We think this stinks . . . so our experts analyze each book in the store and come up with one LOGICAL cross-recommendation for each title.

Question: Where can I get your address to claim a PDU for watching a webinar?

Answer: On the final slide of each webinar presentation, after the question and answer segment. If you missed these details the first time around, please click here to review the recording in question, and be sure to take a screen shot or copy the PDU claiming information and save for your records.

Question: The recorded webinars aren’t working for me, what can I do?

Answer: There are a number of possible issues that may prevent you from viewing the recorded webinars, some require more troubleshooting than others. Below are a few of the most common issues and solutions you may try. However if none of this works, contact the Project Management Bookstore at info@projectmanagementbookstore.com or Citrix-GoToWebinar Support through this link: http://support.citrixonline.com/GoToWebinar/
  • If you received a codec error use this: http://www.gotomeeting.com/codec
  • Check for operating system updates, Windows Media Player updates, and assure you have adequate space available on your hard drive.
  • Please be sure Java up to date and is enabled in your browser.
  • If you are trying to view recorded webinars in a corporate environment or network which prohibits the download of applications such as GoToWebinar or you do not have administrative rights on your computer, please contact your Corporate IT Help Desk or Network Administrator for assistance. Or use a personal computer in a personal environment to access the recording.

Question: Why do you allow people to debate book reviews?

Answer: Because we know that many of the "independent" reviews on other sites are bogus. Here's how it works everywhere else: the author of the book posts the first review, then the author's best friend posts the second one. After a co-worker of the author posts the third review, the author's mother posts the fourth one, and so on. In contrast, we allow our customers to voice their opinions and debate each other if they don't agree. Can we assume you're OK with that?

Question: Why don't you sell standards, bodies of knowledge or books heavy into project management theory?

Answer: Because standards, bodies of knowledge and books heavy into project management theory are boring.

Question: How can you claim that your titles are really in stock all of the time?

Answer: Because as soon as the last book is sold, we remove it from the site. It's called INVENTORY CONTROL.

Question: Why won't you bombard me with advertising? I kind of miss it.

Answer: Because we don't believe in bludgeoning our customers until they buy something. There are a total of five (5) ad spaces on the entire site. Other than that, you'll get a newsletter from us once in a while announcing some new releases. If you want to be spammed more than that, join Classmates.com.


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