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How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done: Real-World Adaptive Case Management

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How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done: Real-World Adaptive Case Management

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Highly predictable work is easy to support, but the majority of us experience more unpredictable work that cannot be accurately scripted in advance. This book will exemplify how knowledge workers can use Adaptive Case Management to more effectively support real-time decision-making for any organization.


Highly predictable work is easy to support using traditional programming techniques, but what about unpredictable work? It cannot always be accurately scripted in advance, which means it requires involvement from the knowledge workers who must preform Adaptive Case Management.

The core element of Adaptive Case Management (ACM) is the support for real-time decision-making by knowledge workers. How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done describes the work role of managers, decision makers, executives, doctors, lawyers, campaign managers, emergency responders, strategist, and many others who have to use critical thinking skills, under pressure for a living. These are people who figure out what needs to be done, at the same time that they do it. This new, more effective approach to support decision-making is the logical starting point for anyone to understand how to take advantage of ACM.

Co-author Keith Swenson specifically notes we are seeing a fundamental shift in our workforce, and in the ways people need to be managed. Not only are companies engaging their customers in new ways, but managers are engaging workers in similarly transformed ways.

Using award-winning case studies covering industries spanning law enforcement, transportation, insurance, banking, state services, healthcare and more; How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done will provide instructive real-world examples for how to use ACM and positively transform your own organization.

Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 978-0984976447
Publication Date October 2012
Author K. Swenson, N. Palmer, M. Pucher, C. Webster, L. Fischer, C. Moore
Format Paperback
Page Count 234
Manufacturer Future Strategies Inc