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How Work Gets Done: Business Process Management, Basics & Beyond

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How Work Gets Done: Business Process Management, Basics & Beyond

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This book serves as a comprehensive guide to rediscovering how organizations accomplish things, in order to implement valuable improvements through simple, yet powerful business process management techniques.


We have all experienced breakdowns in our business processes. Deadlines and expectations aren't met, projects are late and over budget, but it doesn't have to be this way. Improving business processes can be as simple as learning to leverage the right tools and models to analyze, validate and capture the work being done today, in order to plan for and execute tomorrow.

How Work Gets Done will provide the business and/or IT professional with a practical, working knowledge of Business Process Management (BPM). Written in an easy-to-follow conversational style, it will quickly show you how to:

  • Identify Important Organizational Goals and Align to Key Performance Measures
  • Connection Strategies, Policies, and Procedures to Business Process Architecture
  • Understand the Process Basics (Inputs, Outputs, Guides, and Enablers)
  • Establish Enterprise, Process and Implementation Level BPM Priorities
  • Build a Process Competency Framework Encompassing All Stakeholders
  • Utilize Simple Techniques and Templates to Document Improvement Steps
  • Create a BPM Center of Excellence in Your Organization

If you have ever wished you had a practical voice to walk you through business process improvements, this book is your guide.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Enterprise Business Model
Chapter 2: Business Process Hierarchy
Chapter 3: Business Process Blueprint
Chapter 4: Anatomy of a Process
Chapter 5: Process Knowledge
Chapter 6: Business Models
Chapter 7: Process Configuration
Chapter 8: BPM Methodology
Chapter 9: BPM Competencies
Chapter 10: BPM Services
Chapter 11: Software Tools
Chapter 12: Business Process Case Study
Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 978-1935504078
Publication Date October 2010
Author Artie Mahal
Format Paperback
Page Count 222
Manufacturer Technics Publications, LLC