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Interactive Project Management: Pixels, People and Process

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Interactive Project Management: Pixels, People and Process

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Interactive projects require a unique approach and an industry-specific process, which is a complex challenge. The key is a good process, focused on people. This book serves as the ultimate guide on how to deliver high-quality digital work through successful interactive projects, but more importantly, how to think about them.


Interactive projects require a different approach and an industry-specific process. This is a complex challenge because interactive projects are chaotic by nature, yet some sense of order must be imposed. The key is a good process, and the key to that is a focus on people. From every angle, interactive projects are about people: those who commission, design, develop, and deploy projects—as well as the end users. The interactive work itself entails elements of software development, marketing, and advertising, yet it’s neither purely technical nor traditional “agency” work. Delivery methods are different, and concepts are new, which creates a wide gap in understanding between the clients buying the work and teams planning and executing it.

Interactive Project Management: Pixels, People, and Process is a unique guide to understanding the critical role of interactive projects in order to launch and execute successfully. It’s really more of a how-to-think guide than a how-to-do guide, which makes this people-focused approach effective across a wide range of interactive projects. In addition, this book will explain the:

  • Unique Characteristics of Interactive Projects
  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Communication Techniques for the Most Efficient Teams
  • Critical Aspects of a Project with a Process Outline and Specific Deliverables
  • Questions, Tasks, Tips and Advice to Effectively Move Teams from Initiation to Launch
  • And Much More

The ultimate goal is to create work that is a perfect balance of quality and efficiency, this book is your guide to achieving just that!

Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 978-0321815156
Publication Date April 2012
Author Nancy Lyons, Meghan Wilker
Format Paperback
Page Count 192
Manufacturer Pearson