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Juggling Elephants

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Juggling Elephants

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What do you do when your life feels as busy as a three-ring circus? Juggling Elephants is your guide to running the circus, rather than letting the circus run you.


Meet Mark. Like many, he struggles to balance his many responsibilities without cracking under the pressure, Mark takes a break to attend the circus with his family. There he has a surprising conversation with a wise ringmaster. He leaves with a simple but powerful lesson: Trying to get everything done is like juggling elephants—impossible.

Mark begins to think about his work, family, and personal life the way a ringmaster thinks about the many acts in a three-ring circus. He discovers that managing his various acts can be fun and easy once he changes his attitude and follows his new friend's ongoing guidance. Mark soon realizes:

  • If you keep trying to juggle elephants, no one, including you, will be thrilled with your performance.
  • A ringmaster cannot be in all three rings at once.
  • The key to the success of a circus is having quality acts in all three rings.
  • Intermission is an essential part of any good circus.

Juggling Elephants is a wonderfully lighthearted guide for everyone who feels they're about to be squashed. It will help you better focus your time and energy, so you'll be able to enjoy more of the things that are important to you. Above all, it will teach you how to run your circus, instead of letting the circus run you.

Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 978-1591841715
Publication Date September 2007
Author Jones Loflin
Format Hardcover
Page Count 144
Manufacturer Portfolio