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The Business Process Management Guidebook: An Integrated Enterprise Excellence BPM System

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The Business Process Management Guidebook: An Integrated Enterprise Excellence BPM System

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Imagine a business that operated seamlessly and produced perfectly gaining you time, money, fans and resources. By following the methodologies in this book, this can describe your business.


The Business Process Management (BPM) Guidebook is the #1 book to take executives and process owners from inefficiencies and waste within an organization, to effective, day-to-day process execution that creates big-picture benefits.

Crosby Award-Winning author (Implementing Six Sigma), Forrest Breyfogle, provides a roadmap through the chapters to help organizations determine where process automation and improvement efforts should focus through an integration of Enterprise Process Management (EPM) and Business Process Management (BPM). This guide gives insight to enhanced value-chain implementation, which structurally links process documentation and execution with predictive process performance metrics.

The described Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) methodology reveals how rules could be changed and costs reduced so that customer satisfaction is heightened and the business profits. The IEE BPM/EPM system provides executable data analysis and execution techniques which direct process management implementation. Through the described methodologies in this book, organizations can move toward achievement of the three Rs of business:

  • Doing the Right Things
  • The Right Way
  • At the Right Time
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    ISBN 978-0982923115
    Publication Date September 2013
    Author Forrest Breyfogle
    Format Paperback
    Page Count 152
    Manufacturer No