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  1. Regular Price: $19.95

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    Rethink the Way You Think! In hindsight, every great idea seems obvious, but how can you be the person who comes up with those ideas? In this revised and expanded edition, creativity expert Michael Michalko reveals life-changing tools that will help you think like a genius. Learn More
  2. Regular Price: $22.99

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    This book provides timeless lessons in planning, execution, and leadership by exploring the key principles behind Napoleon's successes, the triggers that led to his downfall, and applies them to modern-day project management and leadership at all levels. Learn More
  3. Regular Price: $29.00

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    Do organizational politics stifle your ability to effectively manage projects? This book will help readers take a completely different look at project management and help overcome organizational politics on projects. Learn to make real change happen—without taking things personally. Learn More
  4. Regular Price: $34.99

    PMB Price $23.00

    This practical guide will teach you best practices and proven methods from project management professionals—apply these skills as you work with Microsoft® Project. Learn More
  5. Regular Price: $45.00

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    What's your MBA IQ? A combination of what you know and how much you've applied this knowledge on the job, your MBA IQ is what defines your management knowledge in today's business climate. It's what keeps you at the top of your profession, an expert in your specialized field with an understanding, as well, of cross-functional disciplines. Learn More
  6. Regular Price: $69.95

    PMB Price $45.00

    The Engineer's Career Guide is the complete, one-stop career resource guide for engineers, engineering managers, and human resources personnel. Learn More
  7. Regular Price: $69.99

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    Sets out an industry-proven process for gathering and verifying requirements with an eye toward today's agile development environments... Learn More
  8. Regular Price: $28.00

    PMB Price $18.00

    Prediction is powered by the world's most potent, booming unnatural resource: data. A truly omnipresent science, predictive analytics affects everyone, every day. Although largely unseen, it drives millions of decisions, determining whom to call, mail, investigate, incarcerate, set up on a date, or medicate. This book will help you understand how to interpret data to predict future behavior. Learn More
  9. Regular Price: $15.00

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    You’re in Charge—Now What? provides readers with the secret road maps of many prominent leaders, revealed for the first time. It also features a clear, sound eight-point plan which fully covers everything incoming business leaders need in order to build long term success. Learn More
  10. Regular Price: $24.99

    PMB Price $18.00

    How do project managers get things done? They generally have substantial responsibility, and they depend on the cooperation of other project stakeholders for their success. Learn More

List Grid

Set Ascending Direction

11-20 of 163