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  1. Regular Price: $59.00

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    Project Requirements: A Guide to Best Practices gives project managers tools they can assimilate and apply easily to improve project success. Learn More
  2. Regular Price: $47.00

    PMB Price $34.00

    eXtreme Project Management provides a practical guide for leaders working under high risk and high pressure while producing the desired bottom-line results. Special discounted pricing available for a limited time only, get your copy today! Learn More
  3. Regular Price: $32.95

    PMB Price $21.00

    In today's increasingly busy and stressful world, it has become necessary to calmly and efficiently manage more than one project—often several projects—successfully at the same time. This book introduces the concept of Portfolio Management to timeline multiple projects, determine their resource requirements, and handle emergencies successfully. Learn More
  4. Regular Price: $19.95

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    A practical on-the-job resource for project managers in any industry, this fully revised and updated edition of The Project Management Tool Kit is packed with results-oriented, practical tips. Learn More
  5. Regular Price: $16.95

    PMB Price $11.00

    From teammates who drop the ball on deadlines to unmanageable managers to corporate bullies who try to run your show; your work environment can be lethal to your health and your career. Learn how to change your reactions as opposed to changing their actions. You can't stop office madness, but you can stop the madness from getting to you. Learn More
  6. Regular Price: $39.99

    PMB Price $27.00

    Apply the principles of Scrum, one of the most popular agile programming methods, to software project management—and focus your team on delivering real business value.This high-level reference describes how to use Scrum to manage complex technology projects in detail, combining expert insights with examples and case studies based on Scrum. Emphasizing practice over theory, this book explores every aspect of using Scrum, focusing on driving projects for maximum return on investment. Learn More
  7. Regular Price: $74.99

    PMB Price $54.00

    Project Management for Mere Mortals® is a comprehensive video training course that teaches key techniques, using a live case study that covers all five process groups of project management: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring/controlling, and closing. Learn at your own pace and get practical help with your projects! Learn More
  8. Regular Price: $16.99

    PMB Price $11.00

    Generation gaps are everywhere. Businesses can gain a distinct competitive edge if they get to know who the generations are, what makes them tick, and how to bridge these gaps at work. Learn More
  9. Regular Price: $14.95

    PMB Price $10.00

    Drawing from the latest thinking in psychology on how best to connect with others, How to Tell Anyone Anything steers readers away from the common mistake of focusing on what's wrong and shows them how to provide clear positive messages. Learn More
  10. Regular Price: $19.99

    PMB Price $14.00

    This book is a clever and actionable contribution towards smoothing the path to effective and seasoned leadership that enables leaders to Ignite! their potential and the potential of the people around them. Learn More

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41-50 of 163