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Free Webinar (1 PDU):
Soft Skills for Project Managers: The Human Part of the Gantt Chart

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Webinar Description

SWATWhen we talk about critical skills for today's Project Manager, inevitably we hear the words "soft skills." Increasingly, soft skills and emotional intelligence are the key differentiators that distinguish good from great in the world of project management. But what does that really mean when applied to the day-to-day activities of a project manager?

In this webinar, Pam Stanton will share her experience and insight on the soft skills necessary to distinguish yourself as a great Project Manager. As stated by her recent book The Project Whisperer: Understanding the Human Part of the Gantt Chart, Pam will cover the importance of addressing the human elements of your projects because human behavior is not a work breakdown structure. Specifically, she will highlight the Seven Stages of a project team's journey, sharing practical and tactical tips you can start using immediately to lead your project team to victory.

Pam Stanton Bio:

Pam Stanton is the founder of Heart, Brains, & Courage LLC, which houses the Project Whisperer practice. Pam's over twenty year career in project management and leadership includes positions held at Johnson & Johnson, Integrated Computer Management, MARC Inc., Prudential Insurance, and United Way. As a consultant, she has also successfully worked in dozens of other business environments, including non-profit organizations.

Pam is also a noted author, whose first book was published in October 2010, The Project Whisperer, is the focus of this webinar.


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